Monday, March 5, 2012

Death Bed

Arctic mists loom over the decayed forest
The roar of death draws near,
For when I stand before the paths
My heart fills up with fear.

The first of two shrieks loudly
The sound gnawing at my ears,
In madness I look up to find
My wife of many years.

She stands aloof yet beckons
Her lips made out of gold,
But as I move to take her hand
I see into her soul.

Her beauty is beholding,
A succubus from afar,
But inside lies a lifeless heart
As black as oozing tar.

I gasp for breath yet bellow
As we exchange out countless blames,
But my lips seal shut and quiver
As the Beast of many names,
Leaps out and tears my very neck,
His titan grip and endless wreck,
The jaws of blight,
A massive sight,
Infernos sweep the endless night,

But the second path I did forget
A light shinning from the Son,
And although my eyes were darkened
It caused Lucifer to run.

He grasped my hand and pulled me up
While holding the Sacred tome,
Then he winked and led me down the path
The day my savior called me home.

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