Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Published fiction writing by Mike Lohre

As I've read a considerable amount of your writing, I thought some of you may be interested in reading some of mine. I published this short story in The Atlantic magazine a few years ago, and it's still available online. You can read it here.

I wrote it out of respect for the older people I grew up with in southern Minnesota, and my father, who I saw growing old and struggling with his health in profound ways. I wanted to capture some of that old hope.

My new hope is always that our writing and conversation strikes a chord that will resonate and deepen our experience in this mysterious life.

It's been my honor to be your teacher this quarter. Hold on to your dreams, my friends.

With respect,

Mike Lohre


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  2. oops didnt mean to delete my comment,
    Amazing piece of writing! Very respectful. I actually have my own experience saving a dog from freezing water, very numbing, and my grandfather just recently passed away at age 90, farming his whole life.
    Thank you so much for teaching us this quarter and I hope your wedding turns out well!

  3. thank you amanda, and glad you could relate. have a great Spring break!