Sunday, March 11, 2012

Re live the Moment

Re live the Moment
By: Aladin Saleh

Three, two, one, and the crowd goes wild.
I look out to their faces and I feel like a child.
Content in my mind, I suddenly feel okay.
I have just won it all, I have gotten my way.
We were back twenty yards with only seconds to spare.
I ran as fast as I could, caught the ball in the air.
The leather felt smooth, fitting tightly in my hand.
I had stiffened my grip to the sound of the band.
My cleats stabbed the turf leaving behind trails of dirt.
Stadium lights flashed over me like I was at a concert.
The cheerleaders screamed at the sight of the action.
I looked over and winked with egoistic satisfaction.
I felt the world in my presence with one simple touch.
All eyes settled on me with one moment of clutch.
The other team wept insults and yelled in despair.
May the best man win, it has always been fair.
Now I leave my season, played my last successful game.
Leaving behind conditioning and workouts I overcame.
I will always miss the game, remembering my finest time.
I stole the championship ring, my committed victimless crime.
My team and I are one; I did not succeed alone.
Now we leave the broken turf, our names famously known.

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