Friday, February 10, 2012

Ain't Scared of Your Jails

It is incredible to see how far we have come from when there was segregation. although it is hard for our generation to understand what was going through the minds of those who believed in segregation, it is pretty obvious that what those people were doing was wrong. Leo Lillard makes it clear that there was no real reason for why there was segregation, "When I was a boy, of course Nashville was clearly two divided towns... But it was clear that when I was very young that I had some problems asking my mother questions about why that was. I knew that it was, but I was always curious as to why it was." It wasnt easy to watch some of that video because I could really see what was done to the African American community. To this day im am proud to say that i have no problem with race.


  1. I agree that we no longer live in an era with so much racism. It just shows how ignorant some people really are.

  2. I believe we have come a long way as far as the political aspect of racism is concerned, but there is still a lot of self imposed separation between the black and white communities as a whole. I work in a prison, and when inmates gather there is little intermingling of races between the white, black, and Hispanic inmates. It is a cultural thing. They fell more comfortable with their own speech, music, and ideas. Will this change? Who knows?

  3. I agree with you comment that they know what they were doing was wrong. I believe everyone was scared to step up and say they are wrong.