Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ain't scraed of your Jails

What struck me the most is that the students were so organized within the civil rights era which lead to such action like large scale boycotting, freedom riders, and sit-ins. In a socialogical perspective the institution or social system (the Mayor and rules with segregation) was urged to step of the path of least resistance which can lead to a social change. In this case seperation from "white" and "color" persons was seen as uneqal and denyed rights to certain people. So through actions, segregation was challenged (Is it right to discriminate to a person of color?). Diana Nash, one of the leaders in the sit-ins, comments on "Students stay true to non-violence." Diana and Martin Luther King belived that for a social change as large as this one requires attention without violent acts.


  1. I feel like it would be so hard to organize a mass movement like the students did as an adult. How they accomplished it as a student is beyond my comprehension.

  2. I agree, it does require a lot of attention to do something as big as this, but if you fight for it, eventually it will come true.