Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Moral Footprint

The essay that effected me the most was "Our Moral Footprint". This essay talked about how we are changing the climate of the world and hurting the environment instead of helping it. The essay was very real and spoke to me, but the part that left me the most effected was the last paragraph. "The end of the world has been anticipated many times and has never come, of course. And it won't come this time either. we need not fear for our planet. It was here before us and most likely will be here after us" (Havel, 228). This was important to me because it was true in every way. People in this society are more worried about when the end of the world will come, but in reality it most likely will not come in our lifetime or for a long time to come. The world will end sooner because we do not take care of it and do not do our best to make it last.

I feel it is due to selfishness, people do not care about the world and the future of the world because it will not affect them. Changing habits is difficult for humans because we are scared of change, and do not want to go out of our comfort zone. Living in comfort is addicting to us, if we do not have to change we don't. In order for one to change, they need the inner mentality to do so. Change will not come until someone sets their mind towards it and wants to change for themselves and others. Fear and change go hand in hand, you must overcome both to accomplish something. Not one or the other, but both.

I struggle with change everyday, the biggest example i can think of is healthy eating habits. Fast food, and greasy foods is a struggle for me. I know it is bad for you, but it takes more than knowledge to change. I have stopped eating fast food a number of times just to eat it again. Once you take that one bite, everything you had once gained is now gone. No matter how long you stop, it just takes that one taste to change you back for the worse. I still struggle with this, even though i don't eat it much and i am not unhealthy i still eat fast food for its cost and convenience.

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