Monday, February 6, 2012

Exploration 6

I feel like the writer shares this story because if you haven't faced an experience like this one, then it's hard to understand exactly she is going through, and the story communicates it's message. In the story, she has to change her appearance to not offend anyone when she leaves from her home in Florida to Iran. In my life experiences there are many things I have felt two ways about. One new thing in my life was that I moved in with two of my friends, and at first the transfer wasn't easy. Over time we concentrated on working together and maintaining good relations as well as keeping up with our new apartment. In the beginning I felt like it would be really fun and exciting living with two of your friends, but at certain points we became irritated of each other and butted heads a few times. This was my point of contradiction, although I felt like we got mad at each other a lot, they were my friends and of course I'm going to have a good time hanging out with them.

My favorite passage from the speeches would be from the first speech done by Aung San Suu Kyi's daughter. The reason these short few lines stood out to me was because it meant more to the entire country than to an actual individual person, and she comes right out and states that by thanking them "Firstly, I know that she would begin by saying that she accepts the Nobel Prize for Peace not in her own name but in the name of all the people of Burma. She would say that this prize belongs not to her but to all of those men, women and children who, even as I speak, continue to sacrifice their well being, their freedom and their lives in pursuit of a democratic Burma" (596). I know this lengthy quote explains that she is accepting it for her people, but I also thing that she is thanking the people. If it weren't for all of the people behind her backing her up, she wouldn't be the woman she is today. Her pursuit for Democracy in Burma continues, to try and bring equal freedom to the people in her country and hopefully spread it throughout the region.


  1. I agree with you on the fact that the writer wrote this to help others explain what she went though, and how difficult it was for her to make the transition.

  2. I also think that this story is about finding peace between her religios and personal life