Monday, February 27, 2012

On Washing Hands

The reading stood out for me the most in paragraph two.  I found it very interesting that in the hospital you can get just as sick.  According to the Disease Control Centers 2 million Americans aquire an infection while being in the hospital, and 90 thousand die from that infection.  Semmelweis wrote to a university obstetrician " Should you, Herr Hofrath, without having disapproved my doctrine, continue to teach your pupils against it, i declare before God and the world that you are a murderer and the history of childbed fever would not be unjust to you if it memorialized you as a medical Nero". I found that very powerful that just something as little as washing your hands can be that affective and take so much time.  Change is so hard because I think people get into their own routine and it just becomes natural for them, making it harder to stop.  I know from my experience learning to really become self motivated to work out daily or at least a couple times a week was harder after I graduated highschool.  It was easy for me during school because I was involved in so many sports that it was something I had to do.  After graduating I had to continue the habits of working out without someone telling me to do so.  

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