Monday, February 27, 2012

On Washing Hands

On Washing Hands was a very interesting story about how important it is to wash your hands. I found it interesting that doctors often spread germs and infections from patient to patient. I also thought it was interesting how the numbers of patients who had a disease or infection went down dramatically when the doctors started washing their hands regularly and when there was a person on the medical team strictly so make sure things were sanitized. Gawande wrote, "Infection rates for MRSA-the hospital contagion responsible for more deaths than any other-fell almost 90 percent, from four to six infections per month to about that many in an entire year." To me this is a drastic change in numbers and it helped save many people's lives. From this I now understand that it is important to wash your hands on a regular basis to not spread deadly diseases. This relates to me in college. I knew that I should devote time everyday to studying, but I often chose not to. Because of this my grades suffered first quarter, but now that I have applied what I should be doing I have seen a dramatic increase in my grades. It is important to do the right things and what you are supposed to do to see the results you want.

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  1. i also thought that it was interesting that they had to hire a circulating nurse to get instruments ready for use