Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Changing Ways

Both essays that we read display the importance for keeping a clean environment, and the effects that it has on today's society. The essays discussed the importance for humans to change our harmful acts. From Our Moral Footprint, Vaclav Havel writes, "The end of the world has been anticipated many times and has never come, of course. And it won't come this time either. We need not fear of our planet. It was here before us and most likely will be here after us. But that doesn't mean that the human race is not at serious risk" (Havel 213). All humans will react to change differently. Some will accept change, and others won't. People become so accustomed to their normal routine, and many people enjoy their normal routine because they feel that it is "easy" to them. People are lazy nowadays, plain and simple. I feel that if people want to change, they must set goals and surround themselves with supportive people. Sometimes it takes a prime example as to why they should change for them to realize the importance of changing.

When I was eight-years-old, I started taking piano lessons. At first, it was exciting to actually sit down and practice playing, but over time, I felt that it was just a burden to practice because it took away from other important things that I wanted to do. I pushed through piano lessons for four years after that, but I eventually threw in the towel because my schedule became too busy. I regret not following through with piano lessons, and if I would have set goals then it would have been easier to cope with being busy.

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