Monday, February 27, 2012

On Washing Hands

The text that stood out to me the most was "We always hope for the easy fix: the one simple change that will erase a problem in a stroke. But few things in life work this way. Instead, success requires making a hundred small steps go right-one after the other, no slip ups, no goofs, everyone pitching in." (157 Par 15). This quote is very powerful in the sense that trying to save lives by perfecting hand washing can go a long way. It is interesting that hospitals can get people so sick when they are meant to help heal people. Changing habits is hard for people to master because they might not feel comfortable with the idea and sometimes it is just the matter of forgetting. Some might ask each other what is the benefit of this habit? which I think is the most important. What really is the point of hand washing in the first place? I think that habits are good. It is just the matter of commitment whether it be for health or any other activity. In my experience I feel that is is important for physical activity. I do a lot of exercise and use a record book for progress.

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