Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Moral Footprint response

My favorite quote from the whole passage was, "Maybe we should start considering our sojourn on earth as a loan." That quote stood out to me a lot because it interprets that we as humans use earth like it is invincible. We use and abuse the earth without any consideration towards the earth's future. We have taken many things from earth and we should think about giving back to the earth now. Just like a loan, we should work hard and stop the debt from growing. Vaclav Havel also talks about how if we, as a society, do not change then earth will never return to its previous state.

I think that it is hard to change habits because changing a habit takes more energy and thought than to not change it at all. Even if we want to change it, sometimes the factor of laziness kicks in and makes us want to do absolutely nothing. The only way to change this laziness in ourselves is by starting from the beginning. In my experience, I realized that when ever I have to do change something, the worst part is just getting started. I hated reading books when I was in high school. Finally during my junior year I was in a class where we had to read 3 books in one quarter. I never used to read, I always used sparknotes and BSed my whole essay. But I realized that I could not keep doing this going into college so i decided to read. When I got started, it wasn't too bad and eventually I knocked down all my books. Just gettting started is the worst part, so if you can get past step one, it will be a lot easier.

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