Monday, February 6, 2012

Shrouded in Contradiction

Part 1
Gelareh Asayesh feels conflicted because she is expected to follow the written and unwritten rules of her Islamic background and she doesn't feel the need while in another country. This is not to say she doesn't value her own culture though. She has a love hate relationship with it. Everyone has some sort of a love, hate relationship with someone or something. i have a love, hate relationship with my job. I love the fact that i am making money, keeping busy, and being with my peers, but I hate it because i am so exhausted at the end of a work day that I don't feel like doing anything else, so it kind of consumes my life.

Part 2
I chose "the Revolution of Spirit". I researched Suu Kyi, and found out that because of getting involved in politics,, she missed the illness and death of her husband as well as the raising of her children to pursue her beliefs. She has had many reith lectures, the first being about freedom and a follow up lecture on how to achieve that freedom. she once said, "My mind has always been free." She was just searching for that phisical freedom.

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  1. It's sad that men and women's rights are not equal in her other country. I think everyone has a love and hate relationship with someone or something.