Monday, February 27, 2012

In the very last paragraph, Gawande quotes, "Untill that moment, when I stood there looking at the sign on his door, it had not occurred to me that i might have given him that infection. But the truth is I may have. One of us certainly did." This quote really shows how the guilt really set in on him that maybe he didn't wash his hands well enough before treating the man. This part of the writing stood out to me because it is really going to make me think about washing my hands more thoroughly and more often.

Changing your habits and behavior can be very difficult, whether it is an addiction or just any kind of change from your regular life because we usually don't like change. for instance, i started a terrible habit that has turned itself into an addiction. I smoke cigarettes. I will be the first one to tell you that it is disgusting and can ruin my life. i feel to peer pressure over the summer last year when a group of guys at work told me cigarettes would help with all of the stress from work. They were right, i felt like i could get through the work day easier, but this is no excuse for my smoking addiction. I honestly look myself in the mirror and say "Who the hell have you become!?" With that said, there are ways people can change. For instance, I have been slowing way down on smoking. I used to smoke around 7 or 8 in one day, now i only smoke about 3 or 4. I hope i can continue this process until i feel i don't need them anymore.

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