Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essay Response and Research link

In Shrouded in Contradiction", the writer can't decide weather or not to where hijab or Islamic covering.  In her culture the women have to wear it but in America she doesnt have to which is where she lives. She gets very hot in it and sometimes uncomfortable but she also at times feels a pride in wearing it and respect for her history and what she believes. She changes her mind a lot, and doesn't know whether to wear or not to wear covering is right.
I am Christian and try to go to church every Sunday. Sometimes I would much rather sleep in and hang out with friends rather than go though. I love most of the people there and try to listen to sermons but usually just end up zoning out. I feel like I have already learned most of the theories there and most you don't have to believe in God to know is right and wrong. If I don't go to church though I feel weird the rest of the week and like I let someone down. I also question some of the beleifs at times but always end up feeling the best when I join in all of our activities and how much it helps people guide their lives.
From the Nobel Prize speech, my favorite passage was Aug San Suu Kyi's, from her son. He sets the tone of the speech and the future of the Burmese government, with saying how Burma has struggled for peace, freedom and democracy.
In 1990, Aung San Suu Kyi was a leading democracy activist. She campaigned against the dictatorship when there were general elections open to the public. Aung couldn't participating in the elections because of this activism torward the regime, she held political meetings in all different parts of the country. At the time of this speech she was currently being detained.,28804,2066367_2066369_2066127,00.html

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