Monday, February 6, 2012

Aung Kyi's current state

The writer is conflicted due to the different circumstances she has to face. In America, she has the right to show her face and dress as she feels free. In Iraq she must wear her vail and continued to be covered. The transition from back and forth must be difficult, because as she grows used to one way of life she must revert to the other will making the stops both home and her new home. I connect this this essay from a totally different stand point. I love to eat, but its how and what I eat that makes it sometimes difficult for me. I love to eat healthy now and take care of myself, because I feel great when I do. However, sometimes I really miss eating all the junk food and you know tasteful stuff, and sometimes I feel myself slipping into temptation. So, considering the circumstances of both styles of life, I stay on the straight and narrow path of my lifestyle choice. when I feel myself slipping, I usually fall.

Aung Kyi has offically asked to run in Burma's next Parliment election and she was granted the right to do so. Although she had been granted the right to run in the election, her political campaign has been postponed due to that she was not allowed to run her campaign at a local football stadium. Aung Kyi is said to hit the campaign trail in Burma this coming sunday. It is said that the oppositon leader is to have many supporters on the way to her next political stand point.


  1. There are many members of my family that fall into that temptation pit of eating junk food. They do good for sometime and then all of a sudden they are back where they started. Eating right and being healthy is definitely a challenge especially when the rest of the world is advertising so much good looking junk food and the healthy food they advertise isn't really all the appetizing.
    It is nice that you were able to take this essay and connect it to your life as well as you did.

  2. I like the way you used eating and junk food as an analogy. It works very well and helps explain what the narrator of the first story was feeling as she was conflicted with two different lifestyles.