Monday, February 6, 2012

Shrouded in Contradiction

The writer feels conflicted because she does not necessarily want to wear the hijab all the time. It makes he hot in the summer and she does not like people looking at her. But this is this woman's religion and where she lives she has to wear it or else a government employee will make her put her scarf back on or to fix it so that it is covering her hair and much of her face. In my life I have a conflict with going to school. Although I do not want to come and would rather find a job without college my parents make me go. I know that if I do not get an education that it will be very difficult for me to find a job with good pay. Because of this I push myself to go to school every day.

My favorite passage is in The Revolution of Spirit (1991), the second paragraph, "Firstly, I know that she would begin by saying that she accepts the Nobel Prize for Peace not in her name but in the name of all the people of Burma. She would say that this prize belongs not to her but to all those men, women and children who, even as I speak, continue to sacrifice their well being, their freedom and their lives in pursuit of a democratic Burma. Theirs is the prize and theirs will be the eventual victory in Burma's long struggle for peace, freedom and democracy." This to me is a great tribute to Burma and the people of it. It is nice that her son is speaking on behalf of his mother and that he would say things as she would have if she was there. Aung San Suu Kyi's current situation is Burma's pro-democracy leader and Noble Prize laureate, and she has come to symbolize the struggle of Burma's people to be free.


  1. I think there have been a few instances in which a person awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has not been able to accept it. Another example that comes to mind is Nelson Mandela.

    1. I would hate to be approached by a woman who yelled at me about the way i was wearing something, especially on my body. I also have difficulty with school but I know it will eventually pay off and i will be happier.