Monday, January 9, 2012

Aaron's Intro

Hi, my name is Aaron. I live in Bucyrus Ohio, and went to Wynford High School. I am currently studying business but am a little undecided on my major. In my free time i like to fish, weight lift, hang out with friends, run, and play baseball.

The essay that i like most in class today was The Habs. I enjoyed this because i like sports and comedy and this essay incorporated both of those things. The thing that struck me most about this persons life is how he wouldn't give up anything for hockey and he skipped his college final because a game was on.


  1. Hey Aaron, I notice we have similar hobbies. I enjoy all the same activities except running. Although it is obviously a big part of playing sports, I do not like running alone at all. I also agree with your choice of The Habs as a better story because I too am big on sports.

  2. Hi aaron, My girlfriend's boyfriend actually went to Wynford highs chool as well I had never heard of this highschool before then lol..any chance you know him his name is Austin Nolen?

  3. Yeah i know austin. We hung out at football games.

    1. yeah I heard Wynford was pretty good and they did really good this past that guy loves to talk!

  4. I also liked the sports comedy in The Habs,I like the idea of duck taping the TV so you cant see the score, I will have to try that sometime.