Sunday, January 29, 2012

On The Rainy River

The chapter that means the most to me is On The Rainy River. In this chapter Tim O'Brien really has to dig down deep inside himself and make a life changing decision. He does not want to go fight a war he doesn't support but he also does not want to make a fool of himself and run from the war. I think his decision to go to the war was the right one because if he did not go he would have to live with that for the rest of his life. O'Brien writes "You're at the bow of a boat on the Rainy River. You're twenty-one years old, you're scared, and there's a hard squeezing pressure in your chest. What would you do? Would you jump? Would you feel pity for yourself? Would you think about your family and your childhood and your dreams and all you're leaving behind? Would it hurt? Would it feel like dying? Would you cry as I did?" (O'Brien 56)


  1. I agree that this a a good chapter also. He really is able to show us his inner feelings and what his situation was that brought him into the war. Because of this, I feel that as readers, we are more able to connect with his writing.

  2. I like how this chapter shows the inner fight that Tim had with himself for what the right decision was and if he should act on it. I am sure a lot of us had to make a decision on what we should or should not do and what the right thing to do, really is.