Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mary Anne Bell

Mary Anne Bell is my favorite character in the book so far because although the story that Rat tells did not really happen. The way she is characterized makes her seem so real and makes it seem like anyone can be involved in the war effort. I know that I would be very scared to enter an environment of that intensity, but Mary Anne Bell sees the land and the people rather than the misery that the war has put on the country. She learns and quickly responds to becoming one of the guys. On page 114, O'Brein writes, ..."after a time the wanting became needing, which turned then to craving." This is an important statement because one can see how the war affects those who are involved and I think this statement isn't just referring to the war, but to life in general. When someone becomes passionate about something it is very easy to go from wanting to needing to craving. This can be applied to hobbies, books, food, people, and so on. The way the Mary Anne Bell character was described has really stuck with me and makes me feel like anyone can lend a helping hand in the war effort and learn the trades of combat.


  1. This was my favorite story in the entire book and I enjoyed reading about Mary Anne as well. She went completely native in her search to find freedom. I did feel kind of bad for Mark Fossie though because he lost the love of his life to the jungle of Vietnam.

  2. I really like this chapter as well, because of the characterization of Mary Anne Bell. It showed how she entered a new world and completely took control of herself, in a way. Then she soon let go of herself and became a entirely new person.

  3. This chapter was really intense I liked how O'Brien used so much description and left her still apart of the land, the story ends with her still out there.