Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dentist

The chapter that meant the most to me from The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien is called The Dentist. This chapter means the most to me because Curt Lemon was scared of the dentists and in a crazy way overcame his own fear. I feel I can relate to this in a way because I have overcome some of my own fears of the dentist, although not in the crazy way Lemon did. O'Brien said, "The embarrassment must've turned a screw in his head. . . . The dentist couldn't find any problem, but Lemon kept insisting, so the man finally shrugged and shot in the Novocain and yanked out a perfectly good tooth. There was some pain, no doubt, but in the morning Curt Lemon was all smiles." (88) I have been scared of the dentists and had to get my wisdom teeth out and I overcame this fear and had them taken out.
I do not have a favorite character out of the book so far at least. The reason for this is because I simply cannot choose just one. Out of all the characters that have been introduced there is something I like about all of them or that I have been able to relate too. For example, Rat Kiley made me laugh when he was talking about the sister not writing him back and the things he said about her made me laugh or the way he tells stories makes me laugh because he exagerates so much. When Tim ran away from his responsibilities, I felt I could relate because I always try to run from my responsibilities but in the end I always come back to them too. For me, there is just too many things that I like about every character too choose from.


  1. I agree with your thoughts on this chapter. I think it is crazy how he just wanted his tooth yanked out because it hurt. This shows that they have way too many things to worry about in war, not a dumb tooth.

    1. This was a very interesting chapter. I thought it was a little crazy how he wanted his perfectly good tooth pulled for no reason. He believed that it would later show that he was tough and was not afraid.

    2. I also enjoyed this chapter because I can relate to it as well. I grew up hating the dentist because I had never left the office in peace until i decided to actually take care of my teeth. Although I would never have my tooth pulled out to redeem myself, I would still want to redeem myself in a more reasonable way.