Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kent State

This tragic shooting was easily one of the most memorable events of the sixties and its impact still lives on today.  This is the most iconic photograph of that event.  I also include here this link to the university site itself.


  1. I really like this picture,it really shows her pain. I actually know a few people who did attend or are currently attending Kent state.

  2. I was supposed to go to Kent State instead of Ohio State this last year. When I visited the school they showed us the places where people were killed and they showed us bullet holes from this tragedy. It was amazing to see and learn about.

  3. This is so tragic, especially because it happened right in our backyard. I believe that people of Ohio can really relate to this tragedy because of this. I agree as well that this picture really captures the event well. This article written about the Kent State incident is very well detailed and brings up many good points about the tragedy.

    1. This photograph is so powerful. It's sad that the Coast Guard made a bad decision to fire into the crowd, when they were only protesting.