Sunday, January 29, 2012


My favorite chapter in "The Things They Carried" so far is "Enemies". This chapter really shows how sometimes in war, things can get a little sticky between those who are on the same side. Strunk and Jensen end up getting into a fight over a lost Jackknife that was thought to be stolen. Which it was. My favorite Character would have to be Strunk because he found the entire situation to be humorous. Strunk said, as he was laughing "The man's crazy, I stole his fucking Jackknife." (O'Brien quote on page 64).


  1. I don't think the chapter is even about the jackknife. It's about how war can make anymore paranoid, especially when others are armed with guns.

    1. I liked this chapter as well. I think it was nice how he ended the chapter with humor, showing that the tension between them was released.

  2. I really liked this chapter as well. I liked it because it's actually funny how in the end Jenson busts his own nose because he's scared Strunk will do something to get him back. I thought the last sentence was funny and it made me laugh.