Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

Out of all the chapters in The Things They Carried, my favorite chapter would have to be Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong. I love this chapter. It was my favorite chapter because it shows all the changes that Mary Ann Bell goes through while she is visiting Mark Fossie. She starts out as a cheerleader from Cleveland Heights Senior High and transforms into a woman who joins the Greenies and wears a necklace made of tongues. In one part of the story she even says. " Sometimes I want to eat this place. The whole country, the dirt, the death, I just want to swallow it and have it there inside me." She pretty much gets obsessed with everything going on in Vietnam. At the end of the chapter, she even leaves Mark and runs off. This chapter shows how there is a place for everyone in the war. This chapter also shows a lot of scenery details and uses a lot of figurative language. 


  1. I have to completely agree with you. I also loved this chapter. This chapter hit me the most and was my favorite to read. I love that this chapter gives a lot of figurative language. I love reading figurative language.

  2. I also liked this chapter a lot. In the middle, Rat says' "You got these blinders on about women. How gentle and peaceful they are. All that crap about how if we had a pussy for president there wouldn't be no more wars. Pure garbage. You got to get rid of that sexist attitude" (107). I think this quote also goes really well to show even dainty little women can get tough for war.