Friday, January 27, 2012


My favorite chapter by far in this book was the short chapter Stockings. It was all about how my favorite character, Henry Dobbins, wears his girlfriends stockings around his neck in a hope that it will bring him good luck and keep him safe. I find Henry very likeable because the fact that he is a big guy that is genuine and sticks up for others, even though he isn't the smartest person. O'Brien, while describing Dobbins, states that "In many ways he was like America itself, big and strong, full of good intentions, a roll of fat jiggling at his belly..." (117). Dobbins is just a likeable character. I could really connect to the chapter because throughout football we always had our superstitions, whether it be a certain prayer before every game or wearing a relic like a special wristband or shoe laces.


  1. I agree that Dobbins was a likable character. This chapter made me laugh because as ridiculous as it seemed that he kept wearing the stockings, he never did have anything bad happen to him. Granted it's false cause, I thought it was a nice thing that he wholeheartedly believed they would bring him good luck and keep him safe during the war.

    1. I enjoyed this chapter as well because I also have superstitions like that. When I play wager matches in basketball or if it's for major bragging rights, I have to wear my shooter sleeve as good luck. I don't know what it is but I only play well when I'm wearing it. I know exactly how he's thinking.