Monday, January 9, 2012

Katelan's Intro

Hi, my names Katelan. I am a freshman, and I am currently exploring different majors. I think I may want to go into business, or something in the earth sciences. I really like to "play" photographer, taking many photos of nature and such. In my free time I am usually with my friends or family...and now being in college, a lot of time is now dedicated to homework.
The essay that most interested me today was Resurrection, because of his ability to overcome such a bad situation. The part that is stuck inside of my mind about this essay was the fact he went to his master, completely covered in blood form being badly beaten, and yet he turned him away because his master felt it wouldn't be right to take him from Mr. Covey. Even though that was considered the "normal" in that time, it just seemed so heartless to me that he couldn't at least be transferred somewhere else.


  1. Hey Katelan, I think it's good you are exploring different majors. I went through four or five before I finally figured out what I wanted to do. After he got stuck with Mr. Covey after that, at least he was able to beat him in a fair fight later on and not get killed or anything for it.

  2. I can totally relate to what your saying about this essay. If someone came to me covered in blood or if I was the one covered in blood, I would expect someone to help me especially my master. Business would be a great major I think, that is what I am involved in. Photography is totally an awesome hobby to have, there is a ton of great things that need to be photographed out there.