Friday, January 27, 2012


In the novel The Things They Carried, my favorite chapter so far is Church. I really like this chapter because it reflects how peaceful things can be in such harsh conditions. I also am fond of this chapter because it shows the irony of how many of the people fighting the war just want peace and friendliness, even with the hatred of the war itself. When Kiowa says "All you can do is be nice. Treat them decent, you know?" (123) it makes me feel a lot of compassion to him and his character, thus making him my favorite so far. I guess to sum up what I mean, is that this chapter just slows things down, and puts you into a memorable moment amongst many other action packed chapters.


  1. I thought that it was ironic how Kiowa wanted to be a minister but he said he was not religious. I also enjoyed this chapter because it revealed Kiowa's personality, it showed how genuinely nice he really was.

  2. Yes the irony of the guys when they end up at a church for a base is what was interesting in this chapter