Monday, January 9, 2012

Steven Johnston post #1

Hi my name is Steven Johnston. I am studying Biology. I work as an EMT-B at LIFE Ambulance. In my free time I sometimes read or I'll play basketball and/or work out at the gym.
Since I don't have the book yet I haven't read the essays yet. But from what was discussed in class one that interested me the most was The Habs. I was more interested in this essay more just based on Jason Verge's writing style. Frederick Douglass' essay was more formal and serious. Verge's essay was less formal and humorous. My favorite part of the essay was when he told his girlfriend he would choose her over hockey, but then later rubbed his jersey on his face and said he would never give it up. I know someone who is like that. But more about video games than hockey. I also liked this essay more because I studied Frederick Douglass in high school and I had never heard of Jason Verge before.


  1. Hey Steven. That is really cool that you work as an EMT-B. That job must be really exciting, but also a bit depressing I assume. And the scene when he was talking to his girlfriend was definitely my favorite part as well.

  2. It's crazy that you are an EMT. It is awesome though.

  3. Steven,
    I think that it is awesome that you work as an EMT-B. What a great way to use your skills and to help others! I enjoyed Jason's essay too because of the humor. Humor is definitely a great way to catch the readers' attention.