Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to tell a True War Story

In the book, the chapter that meant the most to me was "On the Rainy River." I liked this chapter because it was true in every way. No matter what others say, what you feel on the inside almost always wins. While he was on the river he thought more and more about going to war. And when he finally decided to go back it was because his inner self was telling him too. My favorite character is Jimmy Cross because he showed love for a girl back home. Even though she didn't love him it is a true war feeling. Many of the men left a loved one behind and its all they thought about. Jimmy only thought about Martha. "I would go to war- I would kill and maybe die- because i was embarrassed not to (O'Brien 59)." This quote from On the Rainy River is very significant because it showed what his reason was for going to war. It wasn't for him, his country, or the right thing to do. It was because he was embarrassed.


  1. I agree with you completely on your analysis of this chapter. Life is really about making the right choices for the right reasons and sometimes we don't even know what the right reasons are. Your gut feeling is always what you are supposed to do, no matter what your mind is telling you to do. Even though his reasoning for going to war was rather silly, if that is what his gut was telling him, then that is what he was to do.

    1. I also picked this chapter to write about, I liked the point you made about O'Brien choosing to go back because of his inner self. Everybody wants to do, what they want to do, but he felt shame in leaving so he decide to stay.

  2. That quote pretty much sums up that entire story. He had to make the choice that he felt was the best and that's what he did

  3. I think this is the worst reason to do something, because you are embarrassed not to do it. It is a very bad feeling to do something you truly believe is wrong but to do it because your pressured in to it.

  4. Embarrassment can put a lot of pressure on someone. Nobody likes to be embarrassed, and we can understand Tim's controversy in this chapter because I'm sure that we've all been embarrassed one time or another. I really enjoyed this chapter as well.