Friday, January 27, 2012

TTTC response

The chapter that I like the most is called Field Trip. At this point in the story Tim goes back to Vietnam where he visits the death of his old friend Kiowa. He takes his daughter with him too, she doesn't really understand whats going on, but with Tim's interpretation and inner monologue we see a heartfelt sense towards Kiowas death. He really misses the guy. My favorite character would also be Tim because he tells you throughout the story that "To generalize about the war is like generalizing about peace"(81). He really take the emotions from all corners of the war into this book.


  1. This really is a good chapter. It's very sentimental, and gives us an almost awkward sense of closer for Kiowa. This was something that he really had to do, especially for Norman in my opinion.

    1. I really enjoyed this chapter too because of his daughter's curiosity. Her curiosity relates to how people, besides soldiers, will never fully understand the true meaning of "war". I also really like the quote that you used because it has so much truth to it.