Friday, January 27, 2012

My favorite part from Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried was the story called Enemy mostly because it really shows what being in a war like that can do to a person. In the story Jensen ans Strunk get into a fist fight because Jensen thinks Strunk stole his Jack Knife. Jensen then beats Strunk in the face uncontrollably and breaks Strunk's nose. Later on, Jensen thinks Strunk's going to get revenge on him so he keeps alert and sits in a corner so that he can see everything that goes on around him. Once he decides it's driving him crazy, he calls to Strunk and shows him that he beat himself in the nose to square things off.
My favorite character is Strunk because of how relaxed he is and also because of what he said about Jensen's knife at the end of the story. He said "that man's crazy...I stole his fucking Jackknife" (O'Brien, 64) while laughing uncontrollably. I liked how he was staying positive from the whole situation and making a joke about it unlike Jensen who took it to the next level.

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