Monday, January 9, 2012

Dalton's Intro

My name is Dalton Scott and I grew up in Bucyrus, OH. I am majoring in Geological Sciences because I would like get into Meteorology. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and my girlfriend. If I am watching TV it is almost always sports because I can't get enough sports. I am currently working two jobs, one is where I build and tear down grain bins and the other is at Hibbett sports, which is a sporting goods store.

The essay that was the most interesting to me was "The Habs" because like I said, I cant get enough sports. Jason Verge really showed his love for the sport of hockey by expressing his feelings about games and it especially showed when he said hockey had become a religion to him. It is incredible to see, even through writing, how passionate he is for hockey.


  1. Hey Dalton I think its cool you are studying geological sciences. I agree with you on the essay "The Habs" because it was about sports.

  2. Hey Dalton, I'm also huge on sports. If you play basketball then you should come to the open gyms in the Marion Gym on Tuesday nights from 4-8.