Monday, January 30, 2012

Interpretive questions so far

These will need reshaping and revising, but it's a good place to start to get ideas out there to consider for an essay.  Think about this as you read the questions: Is it a yes/no question? That is not good.  Does it even qualify as an interpretive question?  Check the definition.  Is it too broad, or narrow, for a 4-8 page essay to cover? 

Why does Martha have the effect that she does on Jimmy?

What makes a war story?

Why does Norman kill himself?

Why is it easier for some people to transition from war time to peace time but not others?
 . In what ways does Tim keep Linda alive? Why?
2. Despite being based in Vietnam, The Things They Carried isn't necessarily a book about war. instead, it's a book about people. How do different soldier's actions reflect their individual baggage that they carry? What does this tell us about humans in general?
What were the heaviest things the soldiers had to carry?
2. What is the purpose for Tim O'Brien to write these war stories?
3. Why did Tim O'Brien go back to Vietnam twenty years later besides for his daughters birthday?
4. Why did the men have to go back for Kiowa even though they might have already known he was dead?
Do you think it would be easy to tell someone you killed someone?
Do you think it would be easy to know your friend was dead but you had to continue to search for them?
1.What weighed so heavily on Norman Bowker that he felt the need to commit suicide?

2. How did the things the soldiers carried affect them throughout the rest of their lives?
The Man I Killed
Why is it so hard for him to handle the death of this man?

What does Tim O'Brien hope to accomplish by putting all of his war stories into writing?

Does the girl ever stop to acknowledge the presence of the Tim, Azar and Henry?

What role does Mary Anne Bell play in creating a theme about war efforts?

What all does a soldier carry besides what is needed for combat?
1) How does someone find peace after being at war?

2) Are there any situations where violence can solve problems?

 1.  why does Tim O'Brien make up real stories instead of telling the exact truth?
2. What are the the things they carried?

1) How does O'Brien choose to honor the dead?
2) How do the physical things they carried differ from the emotional things they carried?
3) How does war change a person?

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